Who we are

We incubate ideas

With years of experience in developing technology solutions, Cogny was created with a unique philosophy. We are passionate about ideas, especially those that bring relevant results and positive impacts on our clients’ strategies.

We seek the best ideas and use exclusive methods to transform them into solutions that meet real market challenges.

Our purpose

Our purpose

We believe in different ways of thinking, and we live to challenge the way the market sees relationships with consumers, and between customers and brands.

We see unique opportunities in the interaction of a customer with a brand. For them, we offer remarkable experiences, for the company, unique insights into the universe of its consumer.

And so, we develop, nurture and execute ideas that become intelligent technological solutions with a high impact on our clients’ results.

We develop solutions on two fronts in search of a single result. We believe it is possible to create an engaging experience for the end customer, to reach a significant number of users. With this, we produce relevant analytical data for companies’ decision making.

Two fronts: